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Harlem Tourism Board

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About Harlem Tourism Board

"Our Harlem, Your Harlem". The Harlem Tourism Board promotes the Uptown Community as one of New York City's "must-see" tourism destinations.


Who We are

Our goal is to make tourism a centerpiece of Harlem’s economic development efforts and will feature the neighborhood’s cultural, arts, entertainment, dining, and shopping attractions. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to join our effort and promote Harlem’s many attractions. The Harlem Tourism Board (HTB) launched its “Our Harlem, Your Harlem” campaign in 2013 to promote the uptown community as one of New York City’s “must-see” tourist destinations.


The major objective of the Harlem Tourism Board will be to create partnerships with tourism-related businesses in Harlem and members of the New York City tourism industry to develop a mutually beneficial economic growth engine for one of the most famous urban communities in the world. Harlem is currently the most popular urban tourist destination in America known internationally for its history and culture; states William “Tony” Rogers president of the Harlem Tourism Board and co-founder of Harlem Week Inc. the largest urban cultural and economic development festival in the United States.

The Harlem Tourism Board was founded and incorporated in 2012 by Pat Stevenson, Publisher of the Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. with the assistance of Louis Peters, a tourism consultant.